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Our Story

A Winnipeg Icon

Why is Baked Expectations so widely known as a Winnipeg icon? It’s pretty simple – at Baked, we make sure everything is fresh, fun and delicious.

Great food and treats for any time of day

Located in the heart of Osborne, not too far from the famous Confusion Corner, there is nothing confusing about why you've been coming back since 1983.

How did Baked Expectations become so widely known as a Winnipeg icon?

It’s pretty simple – word travels when everything is so delicious. We make the most mind-blowing treats with the very best ingredients.

Tia Maria
Shmoo Torte
Mocha Torte
Lemon Almond Torte
Hazelnut Meringue

Our selection of thirty-plus desserts, which includes cakes tortes and cheesecakes, makes it impossible to choose and necessary to come back. From our gigantic burgers, to our unbelievable clubhouse, to our entire morning-till-late-nite menu, we’re very particular about the food we serve and the ingredients we use. Attention to the tiniest details ensures that your dessert, your food, and your experience is fabulous, each and every time.

Wrap this all in atmosphere that gives a playful nod to retro 50’s chic, and you’ve got a relaxed yet bustling space that welcomes people to do their own thing – whether it’s critiquing the show, lingering on that first date, or visiting from out of town for that elusive piece of cake that you just can’t get anywhere else.

Since owner Beth Grubert served up her first slices of Shmoo in 1983, she’s been in constant motion keeping things fresh and entertaining. Her care and dedication has kept our customers coming back for both their favourites and for new delights for over 30 years. So you’ll often find Beth amidst the action in our lively place - making sure everything is perfect, chatting with longtime customers, or happily watching neophytes stare in wonder as they peer into our dessert display for the first time. Because as she says, “they always go crazy. It’s something that never gets old.”

Many love to get Baked, not only at the café but at all their special events. Our flourishing catering business serves up whole cakes, business lunches and event catering to all our fans who must have Baked at their place. We’re located at the centre of Osborne Village - the hot spot for urbanites and indie shops in Winnipeg. Just another treat that makes Baked simply irresistible.

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    “Osborne Village dessert emporium celebrates 35 years of serving tasty pastries”

    Winnipeg Free Press
    April 19, 2018

    “It’s no surprise many Winnipeggers have an emotional connection to Baked Expectations…”

    Ciao Magazine
    April 30, 2013

    “…this Osborne Village hotspot has garnered a cult-like devotion and is still, in spite of increased competition, the definitive destination for the city’s sweet fix.”

    Ciao Magazine
    April 1, 2013

    “By popular demand… Our Double Banana Cake Recipe”

    Bon Appétit
    May 1, 2012

    Masks are now required upon entry to Baked Expectations.

    We have been open throughout the pandemic, trying to provide some light hearted refreshment during a very heavy and serious time. This has meant putting staff on the front line and trying to keep them as safe as possible. This has not been an easy time and we take the safety of our entire staff and our customers very seriously. ⁣

    With the uptick of active Covid cases in Manitoba, once again we find ourselves in a very difficult position.⁣

    In addition to our current protocols, we kindly ask all visitors to wear a mask unless they are seated at a table.

    We know the cake is amazing, but if you’ve travelled ANYWHERE (that includes eastern + western Canada, and definitely includes anywhere overseas!) in the last 14 days you need to stay home. No exceptions. You can order Baked delivery through Doordash or have someone deliver it to you. ⁣

    We would like nothing more than to serve every visitor at our small Manitoba business, but these are not usual times, and we have made the difficult decision to sacrifice dollars for our health.⁣

    We hope you understand the very difficult decisions that we have had to make during these very unusual times.